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If you have any questions about volunteering for the Guernsey 2023 NatWest International Island Games, you should hopefully find the answer here.

Already Registered as a Volunteer

Q. I have registered as a volunteer but have forgotten my Password or Username
  1. Click the “Forgot your username or password?” link on MyVolunteerPage.com
  2. Select “I forgot my password” and enter your username OR
  3. Select “I forgot my username” and enter your email address
  4. Click on I’m not a robot and click the [Send Email] button
  5. Check your email inbox
    • If you selected I forgot my password, click on the link in the email and click the [Reset my Password] button.  Check your email inbox again for your account details (username and temporary password).
    • If you selected I forgot my username, retrieve your username from the email.
Q. I need to amend my availability or make changes to my application 
  1. Log on to MyVolunteerPage.com (if you are not logged in already)
  2. Click on the MY PROFILE tab
  3. Click on the “Availability” section
  4. In this tab, you will be able to specify when you are generally available to volunteer. An administrator can use this information when determining who to assign to an activity or who to contact as new opportunities arise.
  5. Click the [Save] button
Q. I am no longer available to volunteer for the Guernsey 2023 NatWest International Island Games
  1. Log on to MyVolunteerPage.com (if you are not logged in already)
  2. Click on the MY PROFILE tab
  3. Click on the “Organizations” section
  4. Click the [Resign from ‘Your Organization’] button
  5. Select one of the options provided
  6. Click on the [Resign] button
Q. Can I still register as a volunteer?

A. Volunteer registration officially closed on 30 September 2022. We are now busy processing those who have registered. 

However, if you have a specific skill you would like to volunteer for the Island Games, then please email us on volunteer@guernsey2023.gg 

Q. Will all volunteers need to be police checked?

A. No, although DBS checks will be required for certain roles depending on their nature and this will be made clear on the Role Description for that role.

Q. I've registered an interest in volunteering does that mean I will automatically be accepted?

A. If you completed an early “expression of interest” (asking for very basic details), you will have been invited to complete a full registration. You will need to have done this and additionally attend a Registration Session in which you will learn more about the Games, complete some simple vetting and be asked about your experiences, skills and interests etc.

Q. How old do you need to be to volunteer?

A. To become a volunteer you will need to be minimum of 16 years on the 1st January 2023. We will looking at volunteering opportunities for younger children through schools and sports clubs. More details on this will be published by December 2022.

Q. Is there an upper age limit to volunteer?

A. No

Q. Do all volunteers need to be available throughout the week of the Games?

A. There will be a variety of long and short-term volunteering opportunities. For those volunteering during the Games themselves, we require a minimum commitment of 4 shifts (morning, afternoon or evening).

Q. How will you communicate with volunteers?

A. Once you register with us, you will receive regular newsletters and announcements of role vacancies as they arise. We will host a series of three training/briefing sessions in the run up to the Games also. Once appointed to a team or role you are likely to have separate communications within that team.

Q. Will the volunteers receive any special uniforms/branded kit?

A. Yes, all volunteers will receive t-shirts and a cap which they may keep. A showerproof jacket will be provided for those with outdoor roles.

Q. I registered online but have not received any acknowledgement and do not appear to be receiving your Volunteers eNewsletters?

A. You will have been sent an immediate acknowledgement of your registration. Please check your email spam or junk filters on your email provider in the first instance. If you find our emails there, please add to your “safe sender” list. If not, please contact us at volunteer@guernsey2023.gg or telephone 01481 720213. 

Q. Do you have to be a Guernsey resident to apply to be a volunteer?

A. We welcome everyone, however, given the high level of registrations we presently have and the challenges around availability and cost of accommodation within the Island, we will be prioritising volunteers that live in Guernsey or have accommodation available to them. Certain official roles within sports especially will be open to all. Volunteers outside Guernsey will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs and ensuring they meet any restrictions or Visa requirements should they apply. 

Q. Is there a deadline for registering to be a volunteer?

A. YesVolunteer registrations closed on 30th September 2022. 

Q. Can I request to volunteer for a specific sport?

A. If you are involved locally in the sport you would like to volunteer for then please speak to the relevant sport for more details and a reference to put on the application when prompted.

Q. What roles will volunteers be given?

A. Most of the workforce delivering the Games will be volunteers, so we have a wide range of roles providing great learning and experience opportunities covering all aspects of event and sports management covering transport, infrastructure, retail, stewarding, first aid, welcome teams, administration, people management etc.  

Q. Can you volunteer for just a few days during the games, or do you need to be available for the whole week?

A. Yes, you will be asked to specify your availability although we require a minimum commitment of 4 shifts - morning, afternoon or evening, although exact timings may be more flexible depending on the events and to ease our administration etc. 

Q. Do you have a choice of what you’d like to volunteer for?

A. Yes, you will be asked to highlight specific roles you are interested in, although we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to satisfy this for individual requests. We will however make every effort to do so. 

Q. I see that you require drivers. Will I be able to use my own car and if so, will I have to change the insurance?

A. We may have a small pool of vehicles available, but volunteers are most likely to be asked to use their own vehicles. You should check your own insurance policy, but most usually cover occasional use for events and activities like the Games. We are presently looking at the best way to compensate volunteers for costs such as fuel they occur and will confirm shortly.  

Q. Will I be given training and if so what kind and when will it take place? 

A. Yes, volunteers will be required to undertake basic training in first aid, event security and “welcome to Guernsey” hospitality session. Additional training may be required for specific roles and this will be advised at the time of allocation.

Training generally is informative, motivational and with the purpose of generally upskilling Games volunteers. Only a few roles will require formal and mandatory training. 
Once allocated volunteers will be contacted by their respected team leader and offered more information about their role and responsibilities and where needed in person training. We will also aim to produce a venue guide which will be particularly helpful to marshals & stewards. 

The training dates are:

  • 04 February 2023 Saturday  
  • 01 April 2023 Saturday - smaller groups and role specific     
  • 13 May 2023 Saturday - group photo 

Volunteers will be given training depending on their role and level of experience and or qualifications. There are likely to be role specific training as well as venue familiarisation sessions. 

Q. What if I am not available for the training dates? 

A. We ask that volunteers provisionally make time on one of 3 Games training days Games.

These will include an update on progress, team building and training suitable for the specific roles being undertaken. For most, these will last no more than 2 hours. 

Q. I don't have any annual leave left.  Do employers let their staff take time off for the Games? 

A. Many companies and organisations are supporting the Games in a variety of ways, including supporting staff to volunteer. Please speak directly with your employer in this regard. 

Q. I have a disability. Can I still volunteer? 

A. Most certainly, we welcome everybody to volunteer with Guernsey 2023 and reasonable adjustments will be made wherever practical.

Q. I already volunteer within a sport. Do I need to register with you?

A. Yes please. This will provide a number of benefits for the organisers of your sport, as well as Guernsey 2023 generally e.g. accreditation passes, rostering and ensuring you receive the appropriate training, kit and refreshment vouchers. We will fast track your vetting which should take no more a few minutes.

Q. I have been invited as a technical official. Do I need to register?

A. Yes please. This will provide a number of benefits for the organisers of your sport, as well as Guernsey 2023 generally e.g. accreditation passes, rostering and ensuring you receive the appropriate training, kit and refreshment vouchers

International Technical Officials with paid accommodation and transport do not need to register on the Volunteer database, but on the Exis system. 


If we have not answered your question, please contact us at: volunteer@guernsey2023.gg


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