Games Bus Routes

Accredited team members can take advantage of a looped bus service during the week.

  • Digimap Games Bus App

    Digimap Games Bus App

    Your essential tool for Games bus route information, sports venues and accommodation.
  • Games Bus Routes

    Games Bus Routes

    The rotational Games Bus Routes form part of our transport service and will be in operation throughout the week. For accredited team members only.
  • CT Plus timetable

    CT Plus timetable

    CT Plus Timetable CT Plus is Guernsey’s public transport provider.
  • What3Words


    Each Games Route bus stop and venue has a What3Words reference that can be found within this Interactive App.
  • Taxi App

    Taxi App

    Taxi App On demand service with estimated journey fare.
  • Training Days

    Training Days

    For football and basketball teams
  • Diversions for road races

    Diversions for road races

    Games Bus Route - diversions for road races
  • Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    Travel details for teams
  • Bespoke transfers

    Bespoke transfers

    The bespoke transfer service is for competitors who need to be at their sports venues by 9.30am
  • Closing Ceremony

    Closing Ceremony

    Special routes will operate after the closing ceremony on Friday 14 July
Digimap Games Bus App Photo

Digimap Games Bus App

Access this online map to view the Games Bus Routes.

Games buses are fitted with tracking equipment, so you can see where your next bus is.

Games Bus Routes Photo

Games Bus Routes

NOTE: You MUST have your accreditation with you to use the Games Bus Routes

BUS ROUTE LOOPS for accredited personnel only

3 rotational bus loops will operate from Stand ‘A’ near the Games Terminus in St Peter Port.  

Route A takes a Southern route

Route B travels Northwards 

Route C is a shuttle service to Footes Lane Sports Stadium and back into St. Peter Port. 

Route services will crossover at Footes Lane and Grandes Rocques, so you can easily switch routes here as well as at the Terminus in St Peter Port 

View the stops

Full timetable

Route schedules will commence from 

Stand A - 06.30 on Sunday 

Stand A - 08.30 Monday-Thursday

Liberation Monument North Beach - 08.30 Friday   

(Terminus Stand A will be closed for the road races on Friday 14th July)

Departure times are every 20 minutes from the Games Terminus in St Peter Port on each route, all day

Route A 30 / 50 /10 minutes past the hour

Route B 40 / 00 / 20 minutes past the hour

Route C 35 / 55 / 15 minutes past the hour

All routes return from Footes Lane to Town as Route C at 05 / 10 / 25 / 30 / 45 / 50 minutes past the hour

The last evening routes depart St Peter Port at 21:00 from Sunday 9th to Thursday 13th July

Friday 14th July - Bus Loops will stop operating from the Games Terminus in St Peter Port from 19:00 once all Teams are at the Closing Ceremony. 

Please note no food is allowed on these buses. Thank you.

CT Plus timetable Photo

CT Plus timetable

CT bus services are in addition to the dedicated Games Bus routes. All buses (except CT Plus’ weekend night buses) are free from Friday 7th July and throughout the week of the Games. Click on Live tracker to see where the buses are.

What3Words Photo


All W3W references can be found within the Interactive Digimap layers.

Taxi App Photo

Taxi App

There is no Uber service in Guernsey. Taxis on demand app can be used island wide; fairs are payable to the Driver via the in-vehicle meter. Search Guernsey Taxi App on Google Play or Apple Store 

Training Days Photo

Training Days


Friday 7th & Saturday 8th

For those football and basketball teams that have pre-booked training, your Team Leader will have your transport details. 

For all other competitors who have pre-arranged training sessions on these days, please travel via the free bus services provided by CTPlus, or use taxis or active travel. N.B. The additional Games Bus Loops will not be operating on these days. 

Saturday 8th 

Transport from your accommodation has been arranged to take you to the Opening Ceremony. Please ensure that you arrive back at your accommodation in good time to change and await collection for your transport to the Opening Ceremony. Pickups are from 16:45 onwards - exact timings will be provided by your Team Manager.

Diversions for road races Photo

Diversions for road races

You must have your accreditation with you to use these services

Diversions for the road races will affect the following services:

Route A Sunday 9 July West becomes ROUTE A1

Monday 10 July West becomes ROUTE A2 Wed 12 July West becomes ROUTE A1

Friday 14 July St. Peter Port becomes ROUTE A3

Route B Monday 10 July West Coast becomes ROUTE B2 Friday 14 July St. Peter Port becomes ROUTE B3

Route C Friday 14 July St. Peter Port becomes ROUTE C3 

These diversions will slightly affect bus departure timings from Footes Lane but expect departures between every 5-15 minutes. 

Opening Ceremony Photo

Opening Ceremony

Everyone is encouraged to attend our short Ceremony and Parade which will be held in St Peter Port on Saturday 8th July.  For those Islands staying within reasonable walking distance to the Ceremony, we ask you to walk to North Beach were all the Teams will gather. Your Attaché will accompany you there and back. This applies to:

Åland Moores Hotel

Alderney La Piette Hotel

Cayman Islands Premier Inn

Falkland Islands Grange Lodge Hotel

Falkland Islands OGH Hotel

Gibraltar Les Rocquettes Hotel

Greenland Hotel de Havelet

Isle of Man OGH Hotel

Jersey Duke of Richmond Hotel

Orkney Islands Premier Inn

Saaremaa Albany Apartments

Saaremaa Pandora Hotel

Western Isles Marton Guesthouse

Western Isles Pandora Hotel

Ynys Mon Duke of Normandie Hotel

All other Teams will receive individual transport collections from your accommodation - your Team Lead will advise you of the collection times.  Rotational services  will begin promptly from 16:45 onwards. Your Attaché will accompany you there and back. 

Each Team will be met at North Beach and marshalled into the event area where you will enjoy musical entertainment and the opportunity to meet other competitors and swap pin badges etc.  

At the end of the Parade, the Teams that are travelling by foot, will be guided to the right-hand side of the road. Please take note if this applies to you and follow the instructions of the marshals and your Attaché to avoid going the wrong way

If you are travelling back via the Games Buses, you will be guided to the left-hand side of the road leading to the Albert Pier. Again, please take note if this applies to you to avoid  missing your transport home. 

Coach loading and dispatch will be swift, to ensure you all arrive back at your accommodation at a reasonable time.


Bespoke transfers Photo

Bespoke transfers

You MUST have your accreditation with you to use this service


Due to some peak morning travel pinch points, the Games Bus Loops will not operate until 08:30. For those earlier collections, instead we have arranged  bespoke transfers to  get you to your venue in good time. Your Team Leaders will have  all this information.  Please check this  every evening before your event.

These bespoke transfers are for COMPETITORS ONLY that need to be at their sports venue before 09:30.  Please ensure you are ready and waiting for your pickup as the Coach will leave promptly. Supporters cannot use the bespoke transfers and so are encouraged to use the free CT Plus services.

Due to these bespoke collection arrangements, it is important that you do not switch hotels.


You will be travelling together as a Team and your Sport Leads will have full details of your transport arrangements throughout Games week. 

For transport back to your accommodation after matches, please be mindful of the prompt departure timings as the buses have a tight turnaround schedule and are unable to wait. They may also be blocking the freeflow of traffic, so your assistance in boarding quickly is much appreciated. 

Closing Ceremony Photo

Closing Ceremony

New bus routes will be in operation from Footes Lane at the end of the Closing Ceremony for those who may wish to skip the After Event.

Route A takes a Southern route

Route B travels Northwards 

Route C will cover a new central route 

Departure times will be on an on-demand basis, with vehicles on standby. This arrangement will be in place throughout the evening with the last buses departing promptly at 23:30. (Team leaders should gather their Teams to board the bus swiftly from 23:00 onwards).  

No food or drink is permitted on the coaches.

While we hope you all thoroughly enjoy the closing celebrations, the bus operators reserve the right to refuse transport to anyone who they consider unfit to travel.

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