Volunteers ready!

We're getting ready for the Games! There was a final en masse training session for volunteers on Saturday 13th May at Beau Sejour, where basketball and swimming will be hosted during Games week 8-14 July.

This is the last time before the Games that all the volunteers are together, and a big team photo was taken on the grassy area next to the skate park.

The volunteers also picked up their accreditation badges, goody bags, the volunteer handbook (which is also available digitally), and uniforms.

Kristin Dowling, volunteer manager, said the volunteers will help create the unique atmosphere that will make the whole island buzz during Games week: “It’s almost time for a new chapter to be written in Games history and everyone is excited that we’re getting closer and closer. We’ve been really keen to organise a big team photo of volunteers because they will be a part of Guernsey history, and it will make a lovely memento. Whenever we reflect on the importance of the volunteers, we reach the same conclusion, it simply would not be possible to host an event of this size without people freely giving their time, skills, and enthusiasm.”

Some of the member islands also sent a video message to the volunteers:



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